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Weddings & Parties

A selection of images from various weddings and receptions. We like to shoot in a relaxed, modern and slightly informal style whilst covering many different angles using two cameras. When it comes to parties Team Lanx don’t bail out early so if you would like an event covered by two photographers who will capture the true spirit of your event then please call us for a chat.

Jimmy Cauty ADP Riot Tour

Jimmy Cauty’s ADP Riot Tour with his mind altering container.

Bruton – Spiral of Light

It was a beautiful cold, clear night when Bruton celebrated its 21st Spiral of Light festival. The Dovecote illuminated by hundreds of torches, provided the perfect centre piece for capturing some stunning shots of the spectacular firework display. A magical night filled with music, fire dancing, great food and mulled cider.

Avon HGPG Club

Pillow Mound near Norton Ferris in Wiltshire often plays host to a friendly group of paragliding enthusiasts. A big thank you to Steve Newton, Darren Odell and the Skytribe for showcasing their aerial acrobatics for us.