PhotoArt vol 1

So this is what we call Photo Art. It’s cake mixture we don’t intend to bake. This work was born from little or no intent, though often it develops meaning be it sentimental or symbolic of a time that has past. This is about having fun with a camera. Balls to Monty. We’re getting out!

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Chrome Waves

Black and White images loosely connected by a distinct lack of colour plus a “lets have some fun with a camera” heritage.


Daydreams, light beams and far away places. (Colour)

Non Pictures

Includes Killiney beach in Ireland and ‘Non Pictures’ from Freemantle in Australia. Strange to see these images together on a page. Makes me think about all that has happened in my life during the journey which has gradually linked these two memories and places. Life is full of wonders and surprises. I called the Freemantle set ‘Non Pictures’ after I downloaded them at the end of the day. I think I had been struggling and lacking confidence at the time both in my work and in myself. The day I took those pics I decided to relax and have fun with the camera and just make simple and often daft images without too much deliberation. I guess I called them ‘Non Pictures’ because I like the thought that the pictures themselves don’t care to belong or fit into anyone’s preconceptions of what a good photograph should be. That kind of sums me up. (Lanx)


These images are united by the page they’re on and by an invisible cobweb that I don’t really care to dust right now.